The Tanning Process.

Photography by Paul Glendell

Colour Swatches

Genuine samples of our leather colours

  • London colour corrected grain

  • London colour oak bark full grain

  • Dark stain oak bark full grain

  • Newmarket

  • Australian nut

  • Dark stain

  • Black


Cuts and colours of products

  • Pre-cut Toepuff shoulders

  • Pre-Cut Stiffener shoulder

  • Stiffener Belly

  • Pre-Cut Sole Bends

  • Insole Shoulder

  • Cut Welts

  • Blocking shoulders: Oak Bark Tan

  • Stirrup Butt: Dark Stain

  • Girth Straps: Black

  • Bridle shoulder: London colour

  • Bridle Back: Indian Brown Full Grain

  • Belly

  • Harness Back

  • Bridle Butt


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